NETGEAR WGPS606 54 Mbps Wireless Print Server with 4-port Switch

rate 3.4
  • Brand: Netgear
  • Category: Print Servers
  • connectivity: USB 2.0
  • form factor: Standalone

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Wireless printing for four or more users! Would you and the other users in your network like the freedom to print wirelessly? And, to connect to more than one printer, without having to add print servers, wireless adapters, or unsightly Ethernet cables? With NETGEAR's 54 Mbps Wireless Print Server with 4-Port Switch, now you can! In seconds, you can connect two printers and four PCs to your wireless network – all with one simple device. NETGEAR's 54 Mbps Wireless Print Server has two USB ports, as well as a wireless Ethernet bridge mode with a 4-port switch. That means you can connect your computer to your high-end color printer for your business use, and send the kids' documents to your older Inkjet printer ¿ all without wires! Best of all, more than four users can use the printer, without adding any additional wireless adapters. Wireless: You can place your printers anywhere in your home or office that works best for you, and share access to them via your wireless network. You'll get the most out of both printers, and you won't have to buy two separate print servers. Secure: NETGEAR's 54 Mbps Wireless Print Server employs powerful WEP Encryption and WPA-PSK to keep your wireless network secure. In addition, it's fully interoperable with 802.11b, 802.11g, and RangeMax™ (MIMO-G) networks. Best Value: You can connect up to four wired PCs directly to your WGPS606. The Wireless Ethernet Bridge function in the unit makes it possible to connect a cluster of computers, easily and cost-effectively. And with the sleek, stand-up case and small footprint of the Wireless Print Server, you'll save space in your home or office. Sets Up in Seconds: The NETGEAR 54 Mbps Wireless Print Server installs in seconds thanks to the new Smart Wizard Configuration Assistant. Smart Wizard automatically detects and configures your print server, providing simple-to-understand prompts to guide you through the process. It's fast, easy, and completely hassle-free.


  • Print wirelessly and connect to more than one printer
  • No need to add print servers, wireless adapters, or unsightly Ethernet cables
  • Two USB ports and a 4-port 10/100 Ethernet Switch
  • Easy setup via Smart Wizard configuration assistant
  • Works with all standard 802.11g and 802.1b wireless routers and access points
Max. LAN Data Rate:

100 Mbps



Number of LAN Ports:


Network Connectivity:

Wired - Ethernet (RJ-45), Wireless - Wi-Fi 802.11a, Wireless - Wi-Fi 802.11b, Wireless - Wi-Fi 802.11g

Form Factor:


P. Benda 4.0
53 of 58 people found the following review helpful
I have a wirelss network w/3 pc's, one Mac Powerbook, w/netgear router, and now the WGPS606 netgear printserver (my motorola WPS870G was half the $$$ and easier to set up on my Powerbook, but got killed by lightning storm yesterday); I have an old laserjet & HP officejet d145. Contrary to rumors, you can get the WPS870G to printserve wirelessly from Mac/OSX through the network (i.e., powerbook is wireless, printserver is also wireless)1-I set a dedicated IP address in my router to associate w/m ... y printserver...To do this: in (which is the router) I renewed IP addresses, looked into the router's assignment table, and figured out that the printserver was at, so I just assigned it to; to do the assignment, you also need the device (i.e., the printserver's) MAC address; that's the trick. More >
Jerry Saperstein 1.0
64 of 72 people found the following review helpful
Netgear generally makes okay products. I use several of them without complaint. I had hoped to use the WGPS606 Wireless Print Server, but it just isn't worth the effort to bothet with it. It's going back for a refund. Before you consider purchasing one, consult the Netgear web site to see if it is compatible with your printer. The list is surprisingly short. Multi-function devices, other than the print function, are not supported. Nor at this point is Windows Vista, but that may well be rectif ... ied in time. The installation wizard immediately warns you to shut down your firewall - and does not provide any guidance as to what port forwarding might enable thr WGPS606 to work with a firewall. That, in my opinion, is just plain dumb. In my case, the install wizard seemed to work smoothly. I clicked on "Print Test Page" and the test document flowed to the spooler - and then nothing. More >
D. Whiting 4.0
18 of 18 people found the following review helpful
I'm not reviewing this on the Print Server functionality, since I don't actually use it for that. As another reviewer stated in his review, this is the only reasonably priced, widely available wireless bridge I could find. I have a lot of wired network devices in one room upstairs with the router and modem in my landlord's office downstairs. Rather than buy wireless cards for all those devices or run a wire downstairs, this did the trick. I plug everything (including another switch) into thi ... s switch and I'm connected to the router downstairs.It took some tweaking to get it working correctly. At first, it would drop connection for seemingly no reason and not pick it up again. Somehow that went away, enough resetting and tweaking and it's worked great for the last 5 months or so. More >